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We help women struggling with fine and thinning hair that never seems to grow much past the collar bone…

Our specialty is bringing you confidence through beautiful hair created with the help of extensions!

The Collective Experience offers the most natural looking, light-weight & comfortable hair extension methods on the market. We make sure to take the best care of your hair every step of the way to ensure an amazing experience.. this is what we consider The Collective Experience.

The Process

Our Extensions Are Undetectable, and Won’t Slip Out!

The hair used is of supreme quality, and are specifically made to both last 4-6 months AND endure the coloring process necessary to get that natural custom blend & look that Collective has become known for.

You Are In & Out Of My Salon In Hours!

In hours (if you have worn extensions before you know how great this sounds), you are in & out of the salon leaving transformed having the most beautiful, natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had…

No Abrasive Chemicals or Glue Involved, and It’s PAINFREE!

We Pride Ourselves On Taking Care Of You From The Application To The Removal

Our Extension Methods Create The Least Amount Of Damage and Are Undetectable!

Not only will you have the most natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had… no one will believe you have extensions until you actually show them.

Our Promises


• Collective only utilizes hair that has been ethically sourced. This compensates the person who has sold their hair to help create the experiences inside of our studio.

• We at Collective pride ourselves on being super detail oriented with your full experience in mind. Everything from creating your dream color and texture, so that your extensions can truly extend something that you are in love with.

• We at Collective promise to continue to bring you the most innovative and natural looking extensions on the market. If it’s out there to try, we are already in pursuit of what could be the next amazing thing for our guests. Continued education and learning are amongst one of our passions inside of hair extensions

If you want to experience the natural, full, beautiful hair you’ve always dreamt of, click the button below to discover how this is all actually possible. We will then reach out out to you and schedule a consultation to walk you through all the details!

You will leave feeling beautiful, confident, and in love with your hair!

Meet The Collective, Certified Extension Specialist

Tiffany Vogelpohl

Certified Natural Beaded Rows™ Stylist

Starting The Collective ATX in 2017, She has been slaying hair since 1998. After years of searching for the best extension available, she brought Natural Beaded Rows Hand Tied Extensions to the Austin and the South Texas area.

Her extension journey has spanned decades where she learned about what to look for in a great reliable extension method. After 10 years of applying Great Length extensions, She needed to find a new method because they took 8+ hours to install, with non reusable hair as well as caused extreme matting and breakage to the hair. Tiffany then found Dreamcatchers extensions that solved some problems but would slip out of the hair too easily. After 8 years of battling with Dreamcatchers she continued her journey, deciding to give tape-in extensions a shot. However after just 2 years of unsatisfactory experiences she discovered NBR. She fell in love with NBR which has now become primary focus behind the chair.

The confidence the right extensions, color and cut give her clients makes her sure the journey has been worth it. When you are ready to have the hair you have only dreamed about book a consultation with Tiffany.

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